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Xpress Charger™ 3in1 Wireless Charger Black Apple

Super Simple

Charge your phone, watch and ear phones on one device. Simply place them on the
Xpress Charger™ 3 in1 Wireless Charger to start charging—no hassle!

The Qi-enabled charger allows you to charge any wireless-enabled charging device without having to worry about matching charging ports.

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Xpress Charger Safe Charging

Super Safe

No more having to worry about harming your phone’s battery by overcharging it. The
Xpress Charger™ comes built-in with an intelligent overcharge, trickle-charging, and over-heat protection that protects you and your phone from extra stress. The charger also detects foreign objects like coins, keys, pens, etc., and shuts off to prevent power wastage.


Super Effective

The sleek and elegant design uses less space than most traditional 3 in 1 chargers. The compact design of the Xpress Charger™ allows you to have more than one in any location. Have one in the kitchen, bedroom, home office or on each desk at the office. Simply plug it in and enjoy uninterrupted, tangle-free charging for your devices.

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